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Thank you for your interest. At this time, we are accepting applications only for the following positions:

-Elementary education (primary)
-Dual language (bilingual) elementary school (Spanish/English and Mandarin/English)
-Dual language social studies, math or science (students 11-13) (Spanish/ English)

Requirements for these positions are the following:

  1. High level of English proficiency
  2. University degree or teacher training equivalent to a US Bachelor's degree (typically a 4-year program at a university)
  3. Currently teaching in a school
  4. Two years of teaching experience.
    • For elementary positions, experience has to be full-time teaching core elementary subjects (language arts, math, science and social studies), after you graduated from the university, with students between the ages of 5-10 in public or private elementary schools. 
    • For English/Spanish social studies, math and science, experience should be with students ages 10-18 years old.
  5. Driver’s license and at least one year of experience driving a car (not a motorcycle)

Teachers who do not meet these qualifications need not apply.

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